The perspective of the child, how it is conveyed, and its impact.

1. I.L. Peretz. – The Dead Town

  • p.206 – “Orphan boys have their “eating days” at the tables of householders and study at the synagogue. Orphan girls become servants and cooks, or go elsewhere to earn their bread.”
  • p.208 – : “From its first moment.” he continued, “the town hung by a thread, for it was built on land on which the law said no Jew could live.”
  • P. 208- “the rich man dies and left as his heir a little orphan. He wasn’t allowed to sign anything until he was twenty-one”
  • P.212- “The corpses came to life, the living began to die out, for lack of space, of air, and most of all from hunger.”
  • P.212.- “And they have no sorrows. For what is the source of human sorrow but knowledge? He who increases knowledge increases sorrow; the dead man knows not of sorrow…. He merely wanders about in a world of illusion.”

Bialik – Orphanhood


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