WLL 598 – ACTFL Guidelines


The American Council for Teaching Foreign Languages is professional organization of foreign language teachers that promotes more than 12,000 foreign languages at all levels.

Their main goals:

  • Teacher preparation
  • Curriculum development
  • Language instruction

Contributions to society:

  • The Proficiency Guidelines:
    • Created in 1986
    • They describe what individuals can DO with a language: Listening, Speaking, Reading, & Writing.
  • The Can Do Statements
    • Modes of communication: Interpersonal, presentational, interpretive
      • Interpersonal communication (person to person)
      • Presentational speaking (Spoken production)
      • Presentational writing (written production)
      • Interpretive listening
      • Interpretive reading
    • Levels of competency:
      • Novice (low-mid-high)
      • Intermediate (low-mid-high)
      • Advanced (low-mid-high)
      • Superior
      • Distinguished
  • The collaboratively development of the 5 C’s which are part of National Standards in Foreign Language Education. The 5 C’s are:
    • Communication: 3 modes (interpersonal, interpretive, presentational).
    • Communities: participate in multilingual communities at home & around the world (students work towards becoming life-long learners).
    • Comparison: develop insights into nature of language and culture (compare target language & culture with own language & culture).
    • Cultures: gain knowledge & understanding of cultural practices, perspectives, and products.
    • Connections: connect with other disciplines and acquire information.

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