In search of something.

I realize we are all complex beings in search of something. This something is probably different for everyone. Today is my the third day of my blog challenge and I’m confronted with a difficult choice. The issue is simple: a family member is in a sect and refuses to leave it. At this point, I’m ready to give up. This family member is not a blood relative and has not been in my life all my life. My life existed perfectly happy before and will continue to be happy after. Still this relative believes that the church in question is just a perfectly normal religion. I disagree and profoundly believe he is putting in danger my family, if not physically, emotionally. To think that I have to go through something like this, is short of unbelievable and my emotional side is going crazy with red-flags. This relative did not warn anyone when joining this sect and I am supposed to accept it. I don’t think so. Have you had any experiences with sects? I certainly don’t but it makes me wonder how much do I even want to care.


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