ENG 330 – Changing Topics

I have decided to change the topic for my final paper in my Jewish literature class. Although my previous choices was a really interesting one, I kept gettin stuck. Knowing what I know, I decided to change it to :The portrayal of migration in two of the following texts: Motl the Cantor’s Son, Scapegoat, “Nerves,” and Betrothed.

Possible thesis: These stories of migration share some universal traits inherent to the process.

Here are some general ideas:

1. Motl, the Cantor’s son: Excitement. The tone, in this book by Sholem Aleichem, could be described as one of excitement, discovery, innocence so appropriate for a young narrator. Optimistic & hopeful despite all the hurdles the family has to go through before, on transit and upon arrival to America.

Before: I got a job


2. Nerves: Dissapointment/Split. The tone contains at times anguish and rush, and at others dissapointment and passivity. Depressing & lost.

3. Bethrothed: Light prospect


1. Anguish: Motl & Nerves

2.Obstables: Motl & Nerves

3.Corruption: Motl & Nerves

4. Unknown:


1.Tone: Motle happy/Nerves longing

2. Single/Family

3. Expectations: Motl excitement / Nerves hopelessness / Bethrothed neutral


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