FrEeWritting: It;s started all back in teh East

IT  started all back in the East. We were all used to images of destruction, cars exploding, people remains disseminated in open spaces that someone would have to clean. From the comfort of our couch we stared at our laptops, and kept clicking away… “RECORD GREENHOUSE GASES – AGAIN” read the main online cover of one news site. Click. “More Asteroid Strikes Are Likely, Scientists Say” read another. Click. “EE UU alerta de la impunidad con la que actúa el narcotráfico en México” read the next. Click. “Exclusive: Swiss study says Polonium found in Arafat’s bones” I kept reading. Click. At the time, we all consumed the little time we had by multitasking, so naturally  “Postcript on the Societies of Control” laid, awaiting for my attention, behind a couple other screens. I remember it clearly, as if it was happening as you read, all disciplinary institutions had been in crisis for some time and soon we would be seeing a transformation. Our society, according to Foucault was going to transform into a society of control. These words resonated in my brain as I looked at some interesting pictures by Bernat Armangué, who I had never heard before. However, his images covering the situation in Egypt, Libya, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict rang hard on my brain. Societies of Control. Societies of Control. Societies of Control.

An enigma was unfolding before my eyes. How could I have not seen what was so obvious¡!¡!¡!¡!!¡¡!!¡¡!! Liberating and enslaving forces were in constant conflict. All of the sudden I saw it all clear: the forces that enslaved us once would be replaced by others that would bring temporary relief to our previous enslavement, only to be enslaved once again in a different way in an eternal endless circle, this is what the text defined as analogical. I couldn;t bear it anymore. CLICK. Liberating Click. Or ¿was it? Jonathan goldman with his Crown of Creation to the rescue. I still remember the enigmatic image of the elephant morphing while I listen to Goldman;s song over and over. A sense of peace I couldn;t find anywhere those days. And to think that;s how I used to study. LCick. Why nobody says anything about the CO2 levels?. Click. WHy people don;t stop having kids, for fuck sake¡ Click. More supersonic planes that spy on you better. Click. Societies of cOntrol. I got lost, I didn;t understand something about numbers that were not binary, does it make sense? cLikc. I kept reading hoping that what would come next would help me foresee the events I;m living now. Type.tYpe.tyPe.typE. “I hate you” I annotated next to the sentence that read “the corporation constantly presents the brashest rivalry as a healthy form of emulation, an excellent motivational force that opposes individuals against one another,…,dividing each within.” I knew it was true. I could see it clearly. I could see it in its effects around the world. clIck. Governments replaced by Corporations. sOcIeTiEs Of CoNtRoL. Slowly and subtly, everything was being privatized. Schools were becoming private. Pay.pAy.paY. “wElcome to corPoschool, the school of tomorrow” I hear in Subzero set. “signing up is mAndatory¡!¡!¡!!¡!!¡!”. Click. cLick.clIck.ClOnk. “the War is going Well” the latest corpoNews reap-ported.

There is no one left in the East. They were all wiped out by corpoArmy last night. KCILC. But that;s ok. How I miss the food. I miss the time when you could eat anything, and as much as you wanted¡!¡!¡¡ I miss the water running freely and cheaply on my bathroom and kitchen faucets¡¡¡!!! who would have predicted back then what was to come. I remember my friend Paul complaining about some water cuts in Dublin. Something about waking up and not being able to take a shower. Still, a lot has improved, I dare to say.

We no longer have to fight about religion, all that was none sense. Who can remember the names of those religions followed by millions? now, we have corpoPray. We pray to our new God: Aramco. Who graciously came to our rescue when shIt hit the fan. I was not that old yet. Different areas of around the World started changing before our eyes. People had to be evacuated due to the floods. Back then only a few lucky with private planes with enough money were allowed to leave disaster zones. The scale of the Fukishima Disaster back in 2011 was nothing. Many other nuclear plants were flooded and the nuclear wasted spilled all over the ocean killing everything.

I remember well. The value of the money started fluctuating by the minute until it collapsed. New money was issued. CorpoAramco came to the rescue. We no longer have a physical currency to put in our wallets. noW we have tattooed barcodes in our foreheads. I don;t know what idiot invented this, but it;s not very prActical.

Ha¡ If Guattari would see us now¡ I just go tmy card. Each INdividual has its own card. Depending on their level of devo-points to Aramco, (which is measured in devotion points, get it?), you gain access to new areas of our corpoCity. I forgot to mention that CorpoCity is the only city left in the world. We are exactly 2 billion humans in a confined space. Not a human less, not a human more. 2 billion.CLick.ClIck.ClAk.


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