ENG 330 CLASS NOTES – Brothers Ashkenazi.

Simha Meir is an ambitious, extremely intelligent and keen on learning anything, however there is always an ulterior purpose to everything he does. Despite being the oldest and most pumpered, he seems to have a weak personality. Perhaps the rabby was correct in his prophecy of the Ashkenazi.

Industrialization.- From a less developed industry. Lodz starts a race towards modernization based in the influx of immigrants. Class mobility is seen in the novel. We see two forces clashing: workers need to survive strenuous conditions and business men push for modernization of their factories and their desire to make more money.

With the waves of Jewish immigrants from Lithuania and Russia, we see also a clash within means the Jewish identity. There is also a class division between the poor Jews from Balutz and those of upper class. The exterior socio-political forces strains the relations within the Jewish community of growing Lodz.

We can also see a how Hasidic Judaism is seen as too traditional and analyzed as a negative force in the books. Some of the main characters.

There is a splitting  on the expectations of women education: upper class is exposed to European education, and learn languages, while poor women, including gentiles are uneducated and easily exploited. They will receive less money for the same work men do and will not protest for their wages. In addition, as economic conditions in Lodz become more discrepant, females start being sold to supplement family wages.

Simha Meir’s father is the hasidic religious figure that should be having a voice, however Simha Meir is not interested on following tradition and obeying his father.

Characters involved into revolutionary politics are presented in the novel as trouble makers that will resort to subterfuges to spread their movement.

How does chapter 31-32-33- how to find a solution for the community’s issues are solved through socialism and communism? What do they say about the politics of the novel?

Fibel – has the books and Tevye is the instigator.


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